Varian Edge



Benefits of Using Edge:

  •  Gives us the ability to treat tumors that are difficult to reach surgically.
  • Uses advanced motion management techniques that help detect tumor movement to protect your surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Patients are able to breathe freely and comfortably during treatment.
  • Very high success rate.
  • We can treat tumors almost anywhere in the body.
  • Allows us to use higher doses of focused radiation than conventional radiation therapy, resulting in shorter treatment periods.
  • Is effective even after conventional radiation fails.
  • Can treat several tumors in one session.
  • Can be done more than once.
  • Can be used as an alternative when conventional surgery is not possible.


The Varian Edge radiosurgical suite is the latest addition to our non-invasive cancer treatment arsenal.

Radiosurgical treatments have been increasing in demand due to the ability to localize and target tumors more accurately in a shorter treatment course, while minimizing the dose to normal structures. The Edge is a state-of-the-art linear accelerator coupled with real-time motion management to ensure fast, precise delivery of treatment. The 6 degree freedom couch allows for accurate patient positioning.

The Edge has the highest dose rate in the industry allowing for faster treatments. The quality and safety system of the Edge performs accuracy checks every 10 milliseconds to ensure quality of care.


The prices are very low in Italy.