Delivering numerous radiotherapy treatment techniques, TrueBeam provides clinicians with the opportunity to address a diverse range of cancer cases from cranial, head and neck, to lung and spine and tailor treatment plans for each patient. In the past, areas located in close proximity to critical structures or significant changes in anatomy during the course of treatment have made difficult targets for clinicians. TrueBeam addresses the technical challenges of these four common cancer types:

  • Head and neck
  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Prostate


TrueBeam system brings leading edge cancer care to communities by positioning clinics at the forefront in the fight against cancer. Designed from the ground up to treat moving targets with advanced speed and accuracy, the TrueBeam platform is a fully-integrated system for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery. TrueBeam treats cancer anywhere in the body where radiation treatment is indicated, including lung, breast, prostate and head and neck.

TrueBeam channels innovative, intelligent, and intuitive thinking to provide technology built with the customer in mind. The system offers clinicians intelligent tools for a wide spectrum of advanced treatment options including SBRT. From fast imaging to accurate dose delivery, TrueBeam is designed to help clinicians navigate the complexities of cancer care with confidence.


The prices, are extremely low in Italy.