Careggi Hospital

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The University Hospital is the largest Careggi Hospital in Florence, one of the largest in Italy, located in the Careggi, in the north of the city.

The objectives and choices of Tuscany health policy aimed at improving the health and welfare of the population, citizen satisfaction and participation and put the citizen at the center of the action with its rights. The Service Charter is the pact between the structures of the NHS and the public and aims to provide adequate knowledge of the activities offered, how access to care, and to encourage the improvement of the quality of services.

The Company's performance is based on the principles:

  • Equality: the services are provided according to the same rules for everyone, regardless of sex, race, language, caste, religion, political opinions
  • impartiality: the services are provided by adopting behaviors toward goals users, fair and impartial
    continuity services are delivered continuously and without interruption, in the modes of operation defined by rules and national and regional regulations
  • right of choice: the user has the right to choose the donor within the national health service
  • Appropriateness: the performance is appropriate when you are both relevant to the people, circumstances and places, valid from a scientific and technical point of view and acceptable both for users and for operators
  • participation: individual citizens and associations is guaranteed participation in public service management in the manner described in this Charter
  • efficiency and effectiveness: efficiency is the ability to get the best possible results based on available resources; the effectiveness is the ability to achieve their goals.