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Prof. Dr. Francesca Valvo
Scientist , Hadrontherapy Scientific Director

Medical Director of National Center of Oncological Hadrontherapy


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Diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Italy

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"AOUI University Hospital of Verona Integrated is very satisfied with the cooperation with TopHealthcare. From the beginning of our cooperation, the TopHealthcare companions was adequately prepared and considerate in the complete management of patient care. Communication has always been quick and effective and above all with mother tongue and allowed us to resolve any issue related to our patients without delay and in the best possible way. We congratulate the TopHealthcare staff and we are really pleased to continue working with them."


AOUI, Verona

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"Tophealthcare saved my life. I had a solitary fibrous tumor of the cheek. A surgical removal operation would ruin forever my face. Through Tophealthcare I could have chosen a different type of intervention. It wasn't necessary to hack my face, I recovered and I have no kind of scar. If I could go back I would repeat my choice."


Emily - New York

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whatwedoTophealthcare Italy is an organization which operates as a SCIENTIFIC SELECTOR of the facilities and specialists. We work as MEDIATORS between the extra-European patients and the best Italian specialists.

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structureTop Health Care carefully selects which clinics and hospitals are listed on our platform. Each clinic and hospital is checked for physician expertise, accreditations and certifications, facility condition, and patient satisfaction.

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